One of the most overlooked details in t shirts is t shirt tags. When we say tshirt tags, we specifically talking about the tags hidden away on the inside of your shirt. The tshirt tag that never sees the light of day, and is usually an afterthought. So after coming across some incredibly creative t shirt tags that in my mind add value and personality to a brand.

Screen Printing Bangkok Factory use silk screen tshirt tags for the custom woven tag, which to me comes off a bit more professional. We even make for many brand that uses both a woven and a silk screen tag for the ultimate combination of awesomeness!  Whether you prefer the woven tag or the silk screened tag we think we all can agree that the t shirt tag is becoming an art of it’s own.

Tags & labels scren rpinting bangkok factory

Screen Printing Bangkok be able to do this option for you like.We offer screen printed t shirt tags because they are comfortable.

We also seen a lot of great hang tags that are attached with a safety pin. Anyone can get something printed and attach it with a string and safety pin it to your shirts. Better yet buy a stamp and hand stamp your design on a hang tag.

Woven tshirt tags look more professional and are still very affordable. I really like them on the bottom edge of the shirt like the ugmonk and johnny cupcakes examples above. Screen Printing Bangkok Factory woven tags is quality and are affordable.

Tshirt tag design tip

Selling shirts at shows we realized it is important to have the size of the shirt on the top, or at least near the top. You don’t want to have to go searching through shirts and pulling down the collar to find the right size shirt on the tag. So think ahead and put this info near the top. Besides that, the sky is the limit.